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  • Cleans Dirt, Efflorescence & Tire Tracks
  • Will not harm Concrete Surfaces *
  • Ensures proper Sealer to surface bonding
  • Complete with "E-Z SPRAYER" (automatic water hose adapter) for easy application

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STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep for Paving Stones and Concrete is formulated to remove efflorescence (white salt deposits), dirt and tire marks from your paving stone and any concrete surface. STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep contains no muriatic or hydrochloric acids which can damage concrete surfaces. The proper removal of dirt and efflorescence is imperative to ensure sealer to surface bonding and enhance the surface colour prior to sealer application. STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep comes complete with the "E-Z SPRAYER" Water Hose Adapter, which automatically dilutes and disperses this highly concentrated cleaner at a ratio of 20 parts water to 1 part cleaner. This eliminates chemical mixing procedures and the need for costly professional equipment or the inconvenience of using heavy jug dispensers.

DIRECTIONS: [Step 1] Remove all stains with the appropriate STONESAVER stain cleaners. [Step 2] Simply attach your water hose to the inlet port of the E-Z Sprayer and you are ready to start. Always pre-wet the surface with water before each application of STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep. Working quickly, start at the lowest point of your surface and work in 27 sq. m. (300 sq. ft.) pre measured sections. Work side to side, making sure the entire surface is covered. If there is still cleaner remaining in the bottle after the section has been covered, apply the remaining cleaner as an additional spray over top of the same area. This will reinforce the cleaning application and prevent drying of the surface. Use a long handled stiff bristled broom to brush the treated area, loosening stubborn dirt and deposits. Rinse thoroughly (usually 5 -6 rinses with 2 water hoses) until foaming is no longer visible. Be sure to rinse all cleaner from the surface as you progress to additional sections until the entire surface is cleaned and thoroughly rinsed. As you progress upward, overlap the area previously cleaned by approximately one foot. DO NOT LET CLEANER DRY ON SURFACE. An additional water hose will facilitate rinsing. Mist surface with water if it begins to dry while cleaning. When the entire surface is cleaned and well rinsed, allow to dry and inspect. Repeat application to any white areas if necessary. [Step 3] Seal the surface using the appropriate STONESAVER sealer.

COVERAGE: 1 litre (1 Quart) covers a maximum 27 sq. m. (300 - 350 sq. ft.)

Caution: Vapor Harmful. Do not breath fumes. As a precautionary measure when working with STONESAVER products, protective clothing, gloves, boots, eye wear and respirators should be worn. Avoid contact with skin. See M.S.D.S. for further information.

First Aid Treatment: If swallowed, give a glass of milk. If splashed in eyes or on skin, flush thoroughly with water. Call physician or poison control center immediately.

Contains: Phosphoric Acid, Sulphuric Acid.

Note * We strongly recommend using a second (additional) water hose when rinsing. This will facilitate easier and faster rinsing with less chance of the cleaner drying on the surface.

Shelf Life: Up to 5 Years.

*Providing all directions are followed precisely.

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