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for: Cleaning tools & equipment & re-emulsifying non-adherent acrylic films

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STONESAVER Clean - Up facilitates quick cleaning of tools and equipment immediately after they have been contaminated with acrylic residue through sealing procedures. STONESAVER Clean - Up also can re-emulsify lifting sealer film and restore adhesion *, clarity and that fresh wet look. Protect your equipment with STONESAVER quality products.

DIRECTIONS: Pour sufficient quantity of STONESAVER Clean - Up into a solvent resistant container and submerse contaminated tools and equipment into Clean - Up solution. While submersed, the equipment or tools may require some brushing or wiping with a rag, depending on how long they have been allowed to dry in a contaminated state. If the equipment or tools are too large for the cleaner container, then wipe them down with a Clean - Up soaked rag or brush. Do not allow excess Clean - Up to fall onto the ground. Catch excess product with a catch all or absorbent material. Store absorbent materials in approved containers and dispose of in accordance with local, provincial or federal regulations. Wear protective gloves (Viton or P.V.A.) impervious clothing and footwear and chemical protective goggles while using STONESAVER Clean - Up. Do not smoke or use near ignition source or while cleaning or afterwards until all vapors have dissipated.

For sealer that is turning white from moisture blushing or poor adhesion, STONESAVER Clean - Up (mixed with Paving Stone Sealer at a ratio of 4 to 1) can restore the sealer to a clear, wet look finish *. First, ensure that the surface has been cleaned with Step # 2 Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep as per instructions. This will prevent blending and permanently trapping surface dirt into the sealer.

* Execute this next procedure on cooler bricks, not in direct sunlight or extremely hot days.

Once the surface is fully dry (paving joints included) begin applying STONESAVER Clean - Up (mixed as noted above). Starting at the high end of the surface, work downwards and in sections from left to right. Apply in flooding, aggressively rolled coats. Roll each section (6' x 10") with a flooded roller, applying medium pressure back and forth until sealer becomes tacky, clear and dark. Complete entire surface as directed. Allow to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before driving on.

* Be advised that if sealer adhesion is effected by dirty surface or previous coatings such as wax, silicone, Teflon or excess build up of any sealer, then STONESAVER Clean - Up will only help to rectify the situation on a temporary basis. Lifting will probably re-occur after Winter freeze-thaw cycles or sooner.

PRECAUTIONS: As a precautionary measure when working with STONESAVER products, protective clothing, gloves, boots, eye wear and respirators should be worn. Avoid contact with eyes. Use only under well ventilated conditions. Avoid prolonged exposure. Store in cool, dry and ventilated area. Do not apply pressure to empty container. Do not add any other product to container. Keep container closed.

Skin and eyes: Flush with water for a least 15 minutes. In case of skin contact, immediately wash with soap and water. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing difficult, give oxygen. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. CALL PHYSICIAN IMMEDIATELY.


Shelf Life: Up to 5 Years.

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