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STONESAVER Rust Cleaner for Paving Stones and Concrete will quickly and effectively remove rust stains with minimal etching or discoloration to the surface. Protect your investment with STONESAVER quality products.

DIRECTIONS: Note: This cleaner will remove efflorescence as well as rust. Rust stains removed from (non coloured) natural concrete that is white with efflorescence, will exhibit concrete's natural grey shading where the stain was removed. To avoid this appearance on white concrete, clean the entire surface with Rust Cleaner.

[Step 1] DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. "NEVER ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY ON SURFACE UNTIL FULLY RINSED Pre-wet stained area and all areas below stain with water. Apply a liberal amount of STONESAVER Rust Cleaner to the stained area "only" and allow to stand until rust colour is visible on surface of foamed cleaner (approximately 20 seconds). Vigorously scrub the stain with a stiff bristle scrub brush and rinse immediately with generous amounts of water. Repeat if necessary. Remove any additional stains using the appropriate STONESAVER stain cleaners. [Step 2] Clean the entire surface with STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep. Thoroughly rinse all cleaners with generous amounts of water and ensure the surface is completely dry prior to applying sealer. We strongly recommend following all instructions prior to any sealer application. [Step 3] Seal the surface using the appropriate STONESAVER sealer.

CAUTION: VAPOR HARMFUL. Do not breathe fumes. As a precautionary measure when working with STONESAVER products, protective clothing, gloves, boots, eye wear and respirators should be worn. Avoid contact with eyes or skin.

FIRST AID TREATMENT: If swallowed, give a glass of milk. If splashed in eyes or on skin, flush thoroughly with water. Call physician or poison control center immediately.

CONTAINS: Phosphoric Acid and Nonylphenol Ethoxylate.

Note* This cleaner may be diluted with water in an attempt to reduce brighter residual cleaning spots and minimal etching on white (natural) concrete.

IMPORTANT: Pre-Soak surface prior to applying Rust Cleaner. Never allow product to dry on the surface until fully rinsed. Best not to use in direct sunlight or on especially hot summer days.

Shelf Life: Up to 5 Years.

*Providing all directions are followed precisely.



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