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STONESAVER Citrus Oil Degreaser for Paving Stones and Concrete is a unique blend of concentrated citrus extracts (oils of orange, lemon, lime etc.) and emulsifiers making it one of the most effective oil and grease stain removers available. Protect your investment with STONESAVER quality products.

 DIRECTIONS: [Step 1] Pre-wet stained area with water. Apply a liberal amount of STONESAVER Citrus Oil Degreaser to the stained area. Vigorously scrub stain with a stiff bristle scrub brush. Repeat [Step 1] and rinse away cleaner and residue thoroughly with water (strong water pressures work best). Stains that have deeply penetrated into the concrete may resurface repeatedly after initial cleaning and drying. Repeat [Step 1] as often as required to eliminate all saturated oils. Remove all stains with the appropriate STONESAVER stain cleaners. [Step 2] Clean entire surface with STONESAVER Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep. [Step 3] Seal the surface with the appropriate STONESAVER Sealer.

 CAUTION: As a precautionary measure when working with STONESAVER products, protective clothing, gloves, boots, eye wear and respirators should be worn. Avoid contact with eyes.

 FIRST AID TREATMENT: If splashed in eyes or on skin, flush thoroughly with water.

 CONTAINS: Sodium Metasilicate, D-Limonene.

 Note The harder, stronger and more compressed a concrete is, the tougher it is to extract oils from deep within itís core. This is why oil stains are the toughest to clean from concrete. What appears to be a mere surface stain, may in fact be deeply penetrated. The longer the oils remain on a surface, the deeper they will penetrate. A cleaner can only clean on the surface for a short period of time before drying and rendering itself useless. Due to this restrictive working time limit, the cleaner can only penetrate a short depth into the pavement, thus cleaning only near the surface. After scrubbed, rinsed and during the initial drying period, it will appear that the stain has been removed. However, if deeply penetrated, the stain will not be fully extracted from the pavement. The remaining hidden oil inside the pavement will be forced upwards by the intrusion of the rinsing water and within 1 - 24 hours, a slight to dark stain can reappear. A light stain usually means minimal extra cleaning, while a heavy stain can mean multiple cleaning attempts. Citrus Oil Degreaser works fantastically at breaking down and rinsing away oils, however due to the nature of manufactured concrete, the cleaner can only penetrate the surface approximately 1/8th Ē. Citrus Oil Degreaser is a high pH balance and will not harm or discolor the pavements surface no matter how many cleaning attempts are made to extract all deeply saturated oils. Citrus Oil Degreaser should be used as a pH neutralizer when concerned about remaining, insufficiently diluted acids after Concrete & Surface Prep Cleaning. This neutralizing step is recommended when Cleaning and Sealing Concrete Industrial Flooring or when STONESAVERís Concrete Water Repellent is used on a surface which has been cleaned with STONESAVERís Concrete Cleaner & Surface Prep.


Shelf Life: Up to 5 Years.

*Providing all directions are followed precisely.

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